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Lighting plays an important role in establishing the general theme and mood of a particular space. The light source, and its placement, colour, and dispersion can have a significant effect on the atmosphere of a room.

Creating a mood with interior lighting depends on factors such as level of darkness, and the colour choice of the lighting options you have decided upon. These elements must be chosen in accordance to the manner in which they interact with the rest of the décor and interior architecture within a space. By combining lighting options with the level of darkness in a space, aspects such as reflections, focal points, shadows, and depth are determined.

A bright atmosphere can energize a person, while a dim atmosphere can have the opposite effect. To boost mood, on the other hand, full-spectrum lights that closely imitate the spectrum of natural light make the best choice.

With our in-depth knowledge and industry relevant expertise as electrical contractors in UAE, Crown Castle Contracting is capable of placing electrical fittings and lighting fixtures in the optimal places in order to achieve the mood that you desire for your spaces. We specialise in creating atmospheres that enhance space and create depth.

As premiere electrical contractors in UAE, we have experienced interior designers who can work closely with you in order to ascertain the kind of atmosphere you want to prevail in the room, as well as the budget, turnaround time, and other project specifications you have for the design work.

Our highly-skilled labourers are trained to seek complete perfection in their work, making sure that each electrical fitting is installed properly as per safety and design standards.

As electrical contractors in UAE, we place a high importance on quality of work and turnaround time. We have a strong commitment to delivering timely world-class services at affordable prices. In addition, we also provide maintenance services for electrical and lighting fixtures after completion of work. So if you are looking for an electrical maintenance company in Dubai, look no further – Crown Castle Contracting is here!