Mechanical & Electrical Plumbing

From the start of any project, we understand the need to develop a building where the internal environment is balanced, providing comfortable spaces for occupants. Achieving this requires an integrated approach, working with all members of the design team to ensure that the electrical systems are strategically integrated into the project.



As maintenance contractors and service providers we are also able to maintain the systems and facilities that we build and install. Crown Castle is committed to maintaining your project throughout the remainder of its life-cycle. We have the experienced personnel and equipment to provide refurbishment, renovation, replacement, expansion and maintenance of facilities.


Interior & Exterior design

Design is design, no matter where and how you apply it. Basic design principles of color, texture, and space are the same whether you are working with interior or exterior design. Very conscious of how much space people have and use both indoors and outside permits Crown Castle to make use of its skills in space planning. Having an integrated solution for client projects allows the design to flow from inside out.


One of the Premiere Contracting Companies in Dubai

Company Profile

Crown Castle Building Contracting LLC is a full-service construction company that provides world-class exterior and interior design, landscaping, construction, and fit out services through established best practices and state-of-the-art technology.

With years of experience in the construction field, we are one of the most recognizable contracting companies in Dubai and in the whole of UAE. We have developed a wide range of construction capabilities that allow us to continuously expand operations within UAE. Crown Castle specialize in design, build, and construction management services for the residential, commercial and governmental sectors. Our service line caters to a wide array of applications, from electromechanical to irrigation.

Our commitment to excellence is the foundation upon which we base our services. The philosophy behind our company is to achieve utmost customer satisfaction through high quality services, quick turnaround times, and dedicated customer service. Unlike other contracting companies in Dubai, we will take the time to sit down with you; discuss your specific requirements; analyse the work at hand; execute the project according to your specifications and conditions; and consider any feedback you have on our services.

Whether you are planning to construct a new luxury hotel, complete with world-class amenities and facilities, or developing a range of upscale residential projects; we have got you covered. We can execute your project right from the very start.

From the conceptualization and design phase, to the construction and fit out stage, our experienced professionals can manage your project and ensure completion according to the projected date. We can even provide expert maintenance services for your systems and facilities to ensure that everything runs smoothly at all times.

So if you are looking for high quality services delivered at competitive prices, you can always turn to Crown Castle Contracting – one of the premiere contracting companies in Dubai.

Crown Castle Advantages:

  • Quick and accurate assessment of the client’s requirements
  • Complete and thorough project planning
  • Culture of accountability towards completion of the project
  • Clear idea of the costs involved in the process
  • Time and money savings
  • Hassle free completion of the project with minimal input required from the client

These Services also we Offering: